International Alert: “The I was just a Note-taker Defense” for those who covered up for Pedophile Priests!

We’ve all heard of the Nuremberg Defense:  “It’s not my fault, I just did it because I was told to!”  Now, there is another lame defense being used on the witness stand and in the court of public opinion, but this time it is being used simultaneously, on both sides of the Atlantic, in the Priest Pedophilia Scandal in the Roman Catholic Church.

Currently up in the Philly area, there is a Landmark case, which will have repercussions all over the United States, in just about every archdiocese, if the defendant, Monsignor Lynn, is found guilty of participating in coverups of Priest Pedophilia within his archdiocese. He is currently using, the “I was just a Note-taker Defense!”  His Defense Team is pointing to the recently deceased Cardinal Bevilacqua as being the one responsible for the coverups and that Monsignor Lynn is completely innocent, because he was “Just a Note-taker.”   MMMmmmmmmmm………………..  Sounds like Nuremberg all over, to me!

Now, let’s take a leap to the other side of the Atlantic, to the land of our kissing cousins, Ireland!  Brace yourself, because it is going to take an Olympic level, “Leap of faith,” to believe this next defense.  Cardinal Brady has been facing calls that he step down as Chief Primate of ALL Ireland, by the faithful in both the North and the South.  Now, this is a miracle in itself, because Northern Ireland and its southern neighbor, the Republic of Ireland, rarely agree on anything, but on this one subject, alone, the majority of faithful Catholics, as well as many Protestants, are in total agreement.  They are calling for Cardinal Brady to step down from his lofty perch as Primate of All Ireland.

Let’s examine for a moment why Cardinal Brady is in hot water with most of the island, regardless of religious affiliation.  Years ago, there was a notorious Pedophile Priest by the name of Fr. Brendan Smyth. We’ve all heard countless stories of Pedophile Priests, ad nauseum, but this one is special!   He not only managed to molest, rape and sodomize boys and girls in Ireland, he also was given free reign to do so, when he was transferred to the States.  This man was a nightmare as a parish priest.  Here’s how Cardinal Brady plays into the picture:

When Cardinal Brady was a priest, around the age of 36, he was in on the Church’s Internal Investigation of a 14 year old boy, named Brendan Boland, who claimed to have been molested by Fr. Brendan Smyth.  The year was 1975.  In addition to Boland’s abuse, Boland gave the names and addresses of several children, who were also sexually abused by Fr. Brendan Smyth. Before Boland left his investigation he was coerced into signing a statement, basically saying that he wouldn’t reveal the contents of the investigation to anyone.  It should be noted that Boland was brought into this investigation alone and that his father was not able to accompany him while he was being grilled.

In the Internal Investigation, Boland was asked questions by Fr. Brady, which would have been considered highly inappropriate in any context, and I will not go into them in this blog, but I will say that there have been several internet articles over in Ireland on the content and the questions asked of Boland in Fr. Brady’s Investigation.  The way in which the investigation was handled is one of the main reasons why the Irish in the North and in the Republic of Ireland are calling for Cardinal Brady to step down.

After the Church’s 1975 Internal Investigation, there wasn’t any follow up on the names and addresses of Fr. Brendan Smyth’s other victims.  Their parents were not informed, nor were the police and the local parish of Smyth’s vicious, sexual assaults against children.  As public record now shows, Fr. Brendan Smyth went on to freely molest countless children over his criminal career of abuse, as a Pedophile Priest.  The Catholic Church consistently protected him and moved him around from parish to parish, as soon as other abuse allegations arose.  For his part, Fr. Brady, now Cardinal Brady, claims that he passed the information on to his superiors.  In several interviews Cardinal Brady, (like Monsignor Lynn up in Philly), claimed to be “Just a note-taker!”

When stories of unspeakable sexual abuse emerged in floods against Fr. Brendan Smyth, it brought down the the government of Fianna Fáil Labor Coalition, after it had been discovered that sloppy government investigations of Fr. Brendan Smyth’s crimes had been done!  (Finally, the government got into the picture, when it realized that the Catholic Church’s internal investigations of Fr. Brendan Smyth were entirely worthless!)  Constant revelations concerning the sexual abuse of thousands of children by priests and religious groups, like the Christian Brothers of Ireland, have had the effect on the ground like a tsunami tidal wave, in the relationship between the Vatican and the Republic of Ireland.   In an unprecedented break with tradition, Ireland closed its embassy with the Vatican, out of sheer outrage, at the revelations of the Church Coverups that thousands of children were abused by priests in Irish Catholic schools, work-houses, orphanages and the Magdalene Laundries.  Ireland, once called, “The jewel in the Papal Crown,” is causing the Vatican more grief and embarrassment than it was once, ever even imagined to be possible!

It is estimated that Fr. Brendan Smyth was responsible for the sexual assault of over 100 children in his career as a priest in the United States and in Ireland.  These assaults could have been stopped in the Church’s Internal Investigation in 1975, but they weren’t!  Father Brendan Smyth was allowed back into his full ministry, without any limitations being placed on his contact with children.  Many blame Cardinal Sean Brady for this oversight, who now claims to have been, “Just a note-taker” in this investigation. 

Within the last week, BBC World did an hour long documentary called, “The Shame of the Catholic Church.”  It covered the stories Brendan Smyth’s sexual escapades and Cardinal Sean Brady’s part in the internal Church investigation, as well as countless Church coverups, time and time again.  I strongly endorse it as one of the best documentaries that I’ve seen on the above topics.  It can be found on Youtube at:

I know that I have a suspicious mind, but I’ve wondered if the new Vatican Strategy is to have those, who covered up for Pedophile Priests, now claim that they were “Just Note-takers,” without any direct responsibility for encouraging the removal of Pedophile Priests.  With the indirect help of “Note-takers,” Pedophile Priests in both Philly and in Ireland were able to make careers out of their past-times of sexually abusing, raping and sodomizing children and teens.  Is it any coincidence that on both sides of the Atlantic, this defense is being used in a landmark, criminal trial up in Philly and also on the religious stage in Ireland, where Cardinal Brady is struggling to hold onto his little red biretta, his mansion and all of the other perks that come along with being the spiritual head of all Ireland?  I wonder which of the apostles Cardinal Brady is trying to emulate in his career?  Could it be that if Cardinal Brady resigns, he’ll lose his ticket to being a possible candidate for the Chair of Peter in the next Papal Conclave?  Or is he waiting for Cardinal Law to move out of his plush digs at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Majore in Rome?  Let’s see how his “I was just a Note-taker defense” keeps him in the good graces of the Vatican, who has too much to risk on the international scene if Cardinal Brady ever decides to “Get Religion,” and be honest about the level of his participation in the Fr. Brendan Smyth Affair!


The Vatican, Fr. Flannery, The Hierarchical Clerical Culture, Joseph Goebbels

One might look at the title of the above post and think, “What do all of these subjects have in common?”  Please allow me to explain:

As most know, who have been following the news out of Ireland, Father Flannery and Fr. Fagan have both met with enough Vatican disapproval that they have been “invited” to pray and consider why the Vatican is censoring them.  Just after the Pope finished his visit to Cuba, where he was encouraging the good, fine, upstanding Catholics, the Castro Brothers, to consider allowing more, “Free Speech,” the Vatican censors the above to priests, believing of course that the head of the CDF, Levada, had an anointed mandate from God to do so.  Unfortunately, many bets are on that the above two priests will meet the same fate as the much-beloved Bishop Morris of Toowoomba, Australia, who had the unmitigated veracity to suggest that women might be ordained, one day!  He was permanently removed from his bishopric after a Vatican Inquisition was led by Archbishop Chaput, formerly of Denver.  The official reason given for removing him was never really outlined, but we were officially told, “It was for the good of all concerned!”  

With the above being said, I would like to move on to the topic of an outdated, Hierarchical Clerical Culture in the world.  In every country, these men parade around like Medieval monarchs, with retinues of priest, who possess the Shakespearian, “Lean and Hungry Look,” ready to jump at their ever beck and call.  Members of their retinues will even go as far as breaking the law for them by shredding sensitive documents regarding the rape, molestation and sodomy of young children and teens, as openly evidenced in the current trial of Monsignor Lynn, who was Cardinal Bevilacqua’s “Go to Man,” for shuffling Pedophile Priests from parish to parish.  Members of the Hierarchy are paid the undeserved deference given them, because of their out-dated roles in society.  After all, or supposedly at least, they are assumed to be “Men of God” and followers of Jesus Christ.  We have been told for centuries, “They are our present day apostles!”  Members of the Hierarchy are purposely unapproachable.  Can one imagine how the original apostles would have been accepted by the men, women and children of their day, had they paraded themselves around in the costly garments of kings and if they had worn three story crowns or miters (on their pointed heads)?  They would have been considered unapproachable and ridiculous in the first century, just as they should be considered comical or contemptable today!  Had the early apostles dressed like our current day bishops and arrogantly acted like our imperious, current day bishops, I posit that they wouldn’t have been able to Evangelize their way out of a proverbial “box!”  Why can’t the average, everyday man or women see them for the plastic sycophants that they are?  Well, I believe that we have been conditioned over the years by the Vatican’s Propaganda Machine, to believe our that members of the Hierarchy are actually “Men of God” rather than the over-paid Administrators and Vatican Puppets that they demonstrate themselves to be!  That being said, I’d like to refer to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Mastermind and Minister of Propaganda!

Today, the United States Council of Catholic Bishops is totally out of touch with reality and with the Scriptural concept of “Godliness,” as evidenced by their behavior in the Priest Pedophilia Scandal, which they were directly responsible for allowing to continue, because they covered up for Pedophile Priests and shuffled them from parish to parish.  Their Propaganda Machines and their mouth-piece Bill Donohue bombard us daily about how the USCCB is trying to help “the little people,” or the “person in the pew,” and by doing so they try to distract the public from the Priest Pedophilia Scandal and from the current trials and the exposure of their criminal sins in the media!  By aligning themselves with the Republican Party, they hope to acquire some degree of respectability as Conservative Leaders of Society.  Politically, I am an Independent, but if I were a Republican, I wouldn’t want the USCCB to be a mouthpiece for the Republican Party!  How about you?

One of the biggest problems that I see for “Everyday Catholics” is the perception by other Christian denominations that most Catholics share the same moral values, or lack thereof, as their arrogant bishops, whose main goal is to protect themselves from lawsuits and “AVOID SCANDAL” being brought to the Roman Catholic Church.  I can personally attest to the fact that there are many, many many good Catholics, who do not share the lax morality of their bishops, and for them there is a “psychological disconnect,” between them and their bishops, but they are unwilling to speak up and “cause any waves.”  We need to pray that these Catholics will demand their voice and FORCE their bishops to reform and to be accountable under the Law.  Until they rise up in force, in righteous indignation, nothing is going to change.  They need to recognize that they have been victims of the USCCB’s Propaganda Machine.  The ball is in their court! 

I would like to paraphrase a famous Goebbels quote:  “Tell a BIG ENOUGH LIE long enough, and almost everyone will believe you!”  I believe that Goebbels was a pretty accurate observer of humanity, or at least the uneducated masses.  He capitalized on what made them tick and what would make them viscerally respond to zealous rhetoric.  I believe that he observed how much the bishops held sway over their Archdioceses.  For Goebbels and Hitler to be successful, they knew that they would need to manage the German and Austrian Bishops, but they weren’t the first to recognize this salient point in the Art of Propaganda.  Pope Pius XII recognized this before becoming Pope when he was the Papal Envoy to Germany.  Pope Pius XII, before becoming Pope had orchestrated Papal Concordats with EVERY Fascist Regime on the continent of Europe.  His crowning glory was the Papal Concordat signed with Germany in 1933!  It was known as the Reichskonkordat with Nazi Germany. There were several important features of this Concordat, which changed the course of history, particularly the history of WWII.  First of all, over 400, independent Catholic Presses were shut down.  The Vatican wanted “The Vatican Newspaper” to be the ONLY source of censored news for Catholics in Germany!  Secondly, Catholic Youth groups were ended and brought under the umbrella of Hitler’s Youth (smart move, right?)!  Next, and most importantly as it relates to the Church meddling in politics, today, the Pope agreed that the Catholic Centrist Party be banished from the political scene in Germany!  There is little doubt that the Catholic Centrist Party probably would have stopped Hitler, the Nazi Party and the Holocaust, if Pope Pius XII had had the intelligence to damn Hitler and the Nazi Party!  Instead, being the brilliant diplomat that Eugenio Pacelli was (as in a “Legend in his own mind”), Pacelli played right into Hitler’s and Goebbels hands!  Single-handedly, Eugenion Pacelli did all of their Propaganda Dirty Work for them: Pacelli ended independent Catholic Presses, he made Catholic Youth more vulnerable by serving them on a crystal platter to be propagandized into adulthood in the Hitler Youth, and he ended the Catholic Centrist Party!  Thank you Pope Pius XII!

Last of all, if the above-listed censorship were not enough, Eugenio Pacelli forbid the German Bishops from criticizing Hitler and the Nazi Party from the pulpit!  Pope Pius XII brought the Hierarchy in line, and no generation since has forgotten what every bishop knows:  They owe their high-hat to Rome, who can remove it whenever they step out of line or use their God-given gift of Free Speech!

In summation, I would like all to consider how the Vatican’s Propaganda Machine and the way in which we perceive the Church and her Bishops has changed the course of history, most often times for the worse!  The Vatican Propaganda Machine has not only taken away the voice of dissent from God’s People, but now, She is taking it away from priests and bishops who dare to disagree with the official teachings of the Pope and the Magisterium.

If anyone sees any corrections that should be made to my perception of historical facts, I invite them to write to me.  Hopefully, I am big enough to take constructive criticism.


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