“Roma, a Vatican Fashion Show” by Frederico Fellini

Roma, a Vatican Fashion Show by Frederico Fellini

Video critique by Jeannie Guzman

I must admit, when I was in my early 20’s back in the 70’s, I just didn’t “get” Fellini, when I studied him in contemporary World Literature. Today, as I was cruising the Internet, I went to one of my old, favorite sites, Catholica.au from Australia.  I was searching their video library (which I knew might be bordering on the somewhat sacriligious), when much to my amazement I ran across a 10 minute clip of the following Fellini Film called, “Roma, a Vatican Fashion Show!” I had never even heard of it!  It is absolutely priceless, and looks as if it could have been inspired yesterday, rather than over 50 years ago!  Much of Fellini’s films jump the border into being more than a little risqué, but this Fellini video is safe enough to show your kids or members of your church, if it falls into the category of “those damned apostates!”

I’ve made it no secret that I love “Monty Python.”  After viewing this Fellini film, I would bet the deflated value of the Vatican Bank, that the writers of Monty Python got much of their twisted inspiration from Fellini!

A couple of weeks ago, I did a blog called, “The Cost of looking like an Apostle or the Vicar of Christ on Earth!”  This Fellini video neatly dovetails the above blog and highlights the insanity! It can be found by pasting the following address into your browser: https://jeannieguzman1.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/the-cost-of-looking-like-an-apostle-or-the-vicar-of-christ-on-earth-9/

I love Fellini’s rich sense of visual metaphor and his play on the archetypal themes of “light and darkness” as well as “death and life.” This video exemplifies both.  Fellini was not only a writer and a videographer, he was an artist and a designer.  His slightly unconventional, but perceptive, sense of fashion design for nuns, priests, members of the Hierarchy and the Pope reflected his rich Italian heritage in art and his innate sensibilities of fashion in the Vatican’s supernatural kingdom of Fantasy-land!  This is a 10 minute clip that is absolutely unforgettable!  You’ll love the “runway” scenes!   The only thing that’s missing is a running commentary by Heidi Klum.  Enjoy!  Click on the blue link, above, or copy the address below into your browser!)

It can be found at the following Youtube address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYzRL9YIswQ

P.S.  If you’ve never visited Catholica.au, it too, is a priceless experience, where Practicing Catholics, Cafeteria Catholics, Former Catholics and “Never-Want-to-be-Catholics-Again” get together in polite discussion, sometimes bordering on the insane and acerbic. Every once in a while you might be in for a real treat when a “Neanderthal Catholic” visits to tell us all how we are “Going to Hell!” Visiting it gives one insight as to how those “Down-Under” think, in ways that Americans might find candidly amusing as well as enlightening.  If you go there, you’ll have a literal blast!  Jeannie

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